Minority and the GRC

As we near Polling Day, May 7th, 2011, I think a heart to heart review of the only reason proffered by the PAP for the GRC needs to be assessed. It is absolutely degrading to have to present oneself to some committee that would endorse a person to be either of “Indian”, “Malay” or “Other Minority”.  I have not had time to check who comprises this committee, but let’s fast forward to 2030. Because of the hyphenated race indications that was introduced by the PAP-led government late last year, we will be seeing a slew of mixed up labels. Would these labels now need to be ascertained to fit into these already artificial categories? Is a Chinese-Indian an Indian, or a Chinese-Eurasian a Eurasian or a Malay-Chinese a Malay or a Malay-Indian a doubly qualified minority?

I am sure the PAP-led government has already thought through this (yes, I am giving them more credit than I should), but why wait for sometime in the future to correct the GRC rubbish and get rid of it by 2016? As it is now, the only reason for the PAP to continue to run with the GRC model is to bring in Ms Tin Pei Ling for the sole reason to prepare the ground for the 3rd generation Lee scion to enter politics. Yes, it’s conspiracy theory material.

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