What a feeling! Welcome, post-LKY Singapore!

Thank you Workers’ Party, Singapore Democratic Party, National Solidarity Party, Reform Party, Singapore People’s Party and the Singapore Democratic Alliance for rallying concerned and committed Singaporeans to stand for the Parliamentary Elections 2011. It is a pity that we missed out standing in the Tanjong Pagar GRC. Nevermind, there will be a by-election there in the not too distant future.

Finally, after 45 years of independence, the vast majority of Singaporeans get to cast their vote.  We can finally throw out the “you-better-vote-for-me-or-else” threats of the People’s Action Party that put in the hearts of two generations of Singaporeans the fear that if they vote for any one else, they will be penalized. We will still have those people in the voting population, but I think the fact that we have a very new set of citizens (including those born on or before January 1, 1990), many getting to vote for the first time in their adult life, can only make this country better and stronger.

We are entering the post-LKY era. Yes, LKY has been able to do many things, but his ways of doing stuff was for an era that has long gone. The challenges Singapore will face will be different and his methods will not work. Unless we have fresh thinking – ie no more group think – we cannot tackle issues as rapidly as we need.

I only wish that my Dad was still alive to be able to vote in Radin Mas. At least Mom will.

Let’s show the world that this is Singapore and we manage our regime change peacefully, professionally and with dignity – all via the ballot box. Yes there will be smear campaigns, legal suits for defamation etc etc etc.  But as a nation, this is our coming-of-age election.  Forty-five years as “one nation under Lee” is enough.

So, fellow citizens. Don’t spoil your vote. Vote with full confidence that your vote is secret in the ballot box. Do share your real vote with you friends and family.  There is no shame in doing that. You have the right to put in a blank vote, a vote with all the boxes crossed or only one crossed. You can do what you please. The constitution and the UN human rights charter guarantees that. Every vote counts. Vote to make this country of ours the best country on the planet!


    • and remember, you have a choice in voting. you can put in a blank voting slip, a slip with all boxes crossed or with only one or tear it up. that is YOUR right. I would urge you not to spoil the vote and don’t put in a blank vote. choose one, mark it and vote. i’ll be voting ABP.

  1. I write with deep regret that there is not going to be a challenge in my constituency. I look forward to a by-election in the distant future, if one takes place. Those from my constituency will have to accept the walkover MPs for the time being.

    Voters of Singapore must overcome the fear factor on May 7, the Freedom day. May 7 will bring a new dimension of a sense of belonging to all Singaporeans and just to a small minority. There will not be a need for the leaders to remind
    Singaporeans to hang the National Flag on National Day.

    The elderly retired Singaporeans who worked all their life deserve due respect. Without them, we would not be where we are. Let’s all go for a change. Let’s secure our self respect on May 7. Singapore is for us Singaporeans only.

  2. Actually the people you referred so lovingly to are the immovable powerbase of the PAP, ie, they are the Kop end of Anfield. And just like Koppites, no matter how bad the team does, no matter how screwed the players, they dutifully pack the stand every game to roar the team to victory.

    (In case you are wondering of my political allegience, I am neutral)

    • well, I’m a liverpool supporter as well. but if the team does not do well, i will want to change the players and the coach. so, just like kop, i am a strong supporter of Singapore and I want my team to do well. To do well, it has to have good, credible players. The ones we have now are way off the mark and need replacement. YNWA.

  3. This elections is unprecedented in the history of our nation.

    There is actually a buzz, excitement and people are animated when the elections are discussed. The crowds at the rallies speak volumes of the interest.

    BUT, how many of those attending will be voting for the Opposition? From the past election, we know that when crunch time came, many just slithered away!

    There are no excuses this time. We have credible Opposition; well qualified men and women who have stepped forward to serve our nation. We must give them an opportunity to make our voices heard in parliament.

    Let us all, as a group, start campaigning for the Opposition to our immediate family, relatives, friends, people in the street, everyone…….FT excepted, of course!

    We need to bring about change! We need our voices to be heard in parliament, we need to demonstrate that we are the ones who give the privilege to those whom we wish to represent us.

    It is time……after 45 odd years; the time is NOW!

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