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I think Singapore will be a dramatically different place come the early morning of May 8th, 2011.  The tsunami of votes of support which will bring in ABPs into parliament would reinforce confidence in Singapore and fellow Singaporeans. The zeitgeist today is one of revolution. The Arab 2011 revolutions (Egypt, Tunisia and others in progress) and the sputtering jasmine revolution in China are inspirations for our own Uniquely Singapore orchid revolution.

I am hopeful that my fellow citizens will keep the PAP majority to no more than 57 seats in parliament (I hope not to have to update this at noon on nomination day April 27 2011). That will mean that the PAP will not have the 66% (57 / 87*100 = 65%) that they need to change the constitution and other laws. It will also mean that we will finally have a parliament that is truly accountable to the population and not one that is a rubber-stamp.

Which brings me to 2016. That will be five years from now and I am hopeful to have launched a political party – The Open Party. The TOP should build on the proven principles of the open source way, one which is collaborative and willing to trust the citizens to help build this island into a nation of people, who are proud to be called Singaporeans. The ideas behind the open source movement resonates solidly with me. I will draw on it heavily. I will be keen to meld those with ideas from the greens movements and the pirate parties of the world. The mash-up will help build a model that could hopefully see value not only in Singapore, but the whole world.

Can I invite you to join me build this vision and be part of the journey. Together we can do this. For your Singapore. For my Singapore. For the Singapore of our children. Let’s roll up our sleeves and do it.  Singapore, yes we can! Majulah Singapura.


  1. I wish and pray that May 8th will bring a change to all of us. Let’s start to live as human being in Singapore. We need some respect and dignity. There need to be a drastic change in the mindset of top civil servants. Right now they behave that we owe them a living. They should realise that we are the people who put them there.

    May the tsunami of votes bring a new future to all Singaporeans. Majulah Singapura.

  2. I consider myself part of the open source movement but still you don’t use this as a mallet to whack at every and anything

    the open source movement itself draws upon the concepts of democracy and transparency, which should be the origin which you should take point from.

    1. I am not using that as a mallet. I am using the ideas behind it. The ideas, as you rightly point out, democracy and transparency. Would you care to contribute ideas and even join?

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