Thank you, Mr Lee!

As the date to the dissolution of the current parliament looms paving way for the parliamentary elections, I would like to thank Mr Lee Kuan Yew for the years of service he has given to this country.  He and his team comprising Dr Goh Keng Swee, Mr S. Rajaretnam, Dr Toh Chin Chye, Mr Hon Sui Sen, Mr Lim Kim San, Mr Edward Barker and Mr Othman Wok helped steer this country from the late ’50s through to the ’80s and set this nation on a path to be viable and successful.

All of Mr Lee’s team mentioned above, have stood down and paved the way for the next generation to take helm. The nation is waiting for you, Mr Lee.

Your place in history is assured.  You have helped along by writing part of the history yourself with your books so that part is done. I think the nation will both applaud you for that and even honour you by naming some institution (already done – Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy), or some road – perhaps Oxley Road as Lee Kuan Yew Boulevard.

But all jokes aside, this is the best time for you to retire. Your pension is guaranteed. Your place in history is guaranteed. You can now sit back and watch how this country you and your team helped shape beginning to finally flourish and excel. The evolution of the political process, the energized population who will be able to finally be counted as Singaporeans cannot but help push this nation forward.

On that happy note, thank you.  Here’s to a happy and fun retirement!

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