Some thoughts about NS

I was reading some rather interesting arguments against continuing National Service as we have today.

While I think there are some nuggets of compelling reasons to discontinue the conscript army, we do have NS in both the police and the civil defence.  Those are entities that have a very different experience and opportunity that NS offers.

I *much* rather be in the SCDF – as a life saving force – than anything else even though I was both in the police as a full-time NSman as well as five years as a reservist and then transferred to the SCDF and completing my full NS obligations 2 years ago.

Perhaps my two-week stint in Banda Aceh following the tsunami in 2004 offered me a point of view that I did not have. The value of NS was clearly evident – both the SAF and the SCDF were on the ground helping and doing all that we could with the stuff we had to help a people that were cruelly impacted. Could we have done that if is not for a prepared SCDF and SAF? I don’t know. Did the NS complement in these two groups help with the preparedness? I think so. Did it help build a positive image of Singapore in Indonesia – very much so. We were no longer the “little red dot”.  We were the knight in shining armour. Yes we were. And I am proud to have been part of the team.


  1. Since so many young men like doing NS, perhaps we should make NS a voluntary service.

    Those who wish to opt out of NS should be given the choice. Please dont play the fairness card here because those who want to do NS see no problem in giving 2 years of their lives to the government. Those who dont share this majority view should be given the option to not do NS

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