Throwing off the GerrymandeRed Constituency (GRC) yoke as independents

If you want to run for parliament you need to fulfill the following requirements (all from Parliamentary Elections Act 218):

  • is a citizen of Singapore;
  • is 21 years old and above on Nomination Day;
  • is registered as an elector in the current registers of electors;
  • is resident in Singapore on Nomination Day and has been so for a total period not less than 10 years;
  • is not subject to any of the disqualifications specified in Article 45 of the Constitution of the Republic of Singapore; and
  • possesses a sufficient degree of proficiency in spoken English, Malay, Mandarin or Tamil and, unless incapacitated by blindness or other physical cause, be able to read and write at least one of the said languages so that he can take an active part in the proceedings of Parliament.

Now, if a citizen who wants to contest, she/he can contest as a member of a political party or as an independent.  What probably most people do not realize is that a group of individuals, not belonging to a political party, can come together and form a group and stand for elections in a GerrymandeRed Constituency. (Section 27a 3b)

So, if there are people who care about this country and want to work to the betterment of this country but are still not sold on doing this as part of a political party (for whatever reason), please consider forming a group and contesting to win a GRC.

Would winning a GRC by a group of independents be deemed a Black Swan event? Only by the incumbent will think so.  It will have to be good for the country as we try to shake off the yoke of dumbing down (“Oh, we can’t find enough talented people”) and show that Singaporeans know what to do and will stand up and be counted when it matters.

And by winning a GRC as a group of independents, the group will then be able to form a town council and be able to provide services and the residents and probably show that they can do a job better than any other town councils thus far.


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