Disappointed, but not surprised!

I watched with disappointment the “Political Forum on Singapore’s Future” on TV. I think the format was so contrived that it did not offer any real opportunity for debate to ensue. Added to it, the need for commercials broke any momentum and reaffirms that the TV station was not really serious about doing a good and thorough job.

Overall, I think Tharman, Vincent, Gerald and Josephine spoke well and with credibility. But no one got into the meat of the topics and I feel the format was heavily skewed so that nothing substantive would come up.

A “C-” grade for overall value to the electorate. It just served to show that with a controlled, non-free media, no real debate can ensue..

There was no audience (what audience?), no tweets, no call-ins, zilch. Heard that this lame attempt was a suggestion from none other than LHL.

See YawningBread’s comment as well.


  1. guess Singapore’s political sphere does need a lot more work, although i do wonder if today’s politicians have what it takes to handle the online citizen’s views haha. 🙂 but guess good that CNA (or the powers would be) started it…

    • Part of the bigger issue is that there has not been any form of visible (ie televised) quality debate on issues by people who are credible but hold differing views. The suppression of quality debate over the last 40 years has lead to a society that only knows how to complain but when it comes to a civilized debate, it does not happen. This is the same for the PAP representatives as well.

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