SMS spam

Am always tickled to receive spam via SMS.  The first one this year came on January 8th and reads as:

+353866030616: Nokia celebrated 40yrs. Your Mobile Number has won 600,000 pounds in Nokia Awards. claimcode: EMAJN.To claim your prize send email to

And a second one today, March 10:

+447031835929: You have been awarded 500,000 British Pounds in the 2011 Shell Intl Mobile Draw. To receive your prize, contact Dr Williams via
I pity the cell phone owner who is raking up an SMS bill because the phone got compromised.  I wonder if it is a w7 phone?



  1. I received yours sms is it a true??????????// :-DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD that I won 500 000 British pounds??? it is joy…

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