Data analysis sought

I’ve extracted the stats from the Singapore elections department‘s site and set up a tabulated voting results from the very first elections in 1955 upto the last one in 2006. The data from the parliamentary elections (aka general elections) have been put up on google docs. I just wish that the elections department had the stuff out as a rss feed.
What I want to do is to look at the impact of the notion of walkover to the overall voting patterns which I think has made the majority of Singapore citizens never to have exercised his/her right to vote at the ballot box.
Not even exercising your right to vote because of some silly administrative procedure is a travesty of all that it means to be a citizen. It is an abuse of basic human rights. I want to see the elimination of walkovers which essentially means that even when there is only one person (or the abomination of a group representation constituency or GRC), they do not get the seat(s) automatically.  The candidate(s) must gain a minimum of 30% of votes in their favour. Failing to get that minimum means that the seat is vacant and a by-election has to be called.
Here’s some additional background on why we need to abolish walk-overs.
There’s work to do. Help.

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