You gotta love StarHub!

So, I had to call StarHub today to sort out a payment issue.  Dialed 1637 and their wonderful interactive voice response system requested: 1 (for English), 1 (for mobile services), 1 (to check account balance), enter phone#,7-digit-NRIC#, DateOfBirth in ddmmyyyy# and, seconds later, tells you the balance. Nice. Let’s say you now want to speak with a human. Press 0 and wait and wait and wait.

Finally, someone answers. I tell the person that I want to check on my account balance. The person then asks me for: phone number, NRIC, date of birth, and name. I get a little annoyed.

“Did I not already punch in that information earlier?”

“Yes sir.  That was in the IVR and we do not have it here.”

Sigh. StarHub fails yet again.

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