Interesting stuff this week!

I have the pleasure of attending two interesting events this week – both in India.  

One is in Bangalore from Dec 15th onwards.  This is their 10th year they are running it and I must acknowledge that this is no small feat.  I had myself ran the Singapore Linux Conference in 1999, 2000 and 2001 and it was NOT easy. Perhaps I should look at running SLC again in 2011.  For, I will be engaged with the Fedora community in India and will be running the GPG Keysigning party.
The other is the National Convention for Academics and Research, to be held in Hyderabad Dec 16-18.  Looking at the sessions, they are all exciting and I am hoping to tap into the open source energy and interest at NCAR.  I am scheduled to speak as well at NCAR and I am hoping that they’ll update the schedule soon.

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