Fedora 14 launched in Singapore

Fedora 14 was officially launched on November 29, 2010 at the Singapore Management University.  The event was jointly held with the launch of the Open Source Software for Innovation and Collaboration Special Interest Group of the Singapore Computer Society.

About 60 persons attended the event.  Here are some photos. The presentation I did about Fedora is here.
What the Fedora Ambassadors and I showed during the event was the following must haves:
a) Xournal – this is really useful tool to help with the mundane task of “editing” a PDF.  Many a times, I have been stuck with a PDF form that needs a simple signature.  It is criminal to have to print out the PDF, sign it and then to scan and PDF it.  Xournal should be nominated for a Green Award for Software if there is one.
b) NetworkManager‘s ability to share out the network: I used a 3G USB dongle (Bus 006 Device 003: ID 12d1:1001 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. E620 USB Modem) on the laptop that I was using for the launch.  I connected to the 3G network, then got NetworkManager to create a shareable wifi hotspot. This little capability is extremely understated. With the amount of devices around you that are wifi-capable, this ability of a Fedora machine to be able to become a wifi-hotspot is extremely useful.  Yes, you can do tethering with cell phones (atleast the Android 2.2 phones), but this being a standard capability of a Fedora box needs to be publicised.
c) Virtual Machine Manager: What demo is complete if youdo not show virtualization? And the fact that virtualization is built-in in Fedora means that you can now go about experimenting, using, breaking, fixing, updating various other systems.  This alone changes how we consume technology and how we can easily transition to the cloud.
It was an overall fun event.  I hope to see an increased participation by more folks in the Fedora community in Singapore.


  1. I agree that’s a nice Fedora Launch. However if not for the limited time it will be more complete with showing Games on Fedora – Hedgewars … sort of like showing “who said community build FOSS do not have wonderful games for entertainment :-))

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