Fonera 2.0n finally!

Finally vpost delivers the Fonera 2.0n I ordered online. Earlier this week, I was suprised to receive a letter (yes, paper mail) from SingPost that my Fon was being held at Singapore Customs pending approval to import from IDA. The letter had the names of the IDA folks to contact. I sent them an email and they came back promptly that they are OK with the device. I sent a PDFed copy of the letter to the IDA officer, who printed it out, stamped it saying that there are no objections, and PDFed it back. Thankfully I had cc’ed SingPost during all the correspondance, and viola, I get an email from SingPost that the delivery will be sent to my house. Wow! All done by email, PDFs and with litterally zero hassle. I do hope that SingPost would be able to check with IDA on these devices beforehand to see if there are any issues before going through the paces, but, as in any good story, the ending is happy.

Now I am a happy owner of a brand new Fonera 2.0n and I can now deploy at home. Welcome, 2010!


  1. Hi ,
    My family has got a few computers working at one time . will this machine helps to improve our wi fi net work?

    where can i buy it?

    how much does it cost?

    Best regards,
    Frankie Lee

    • It is a wifi access point. No different from what you perhaps already have. Unfortunately, it is not on sale in Singapore – you’ve got to buy it online. What I did was to use my VPost ( to get it shipped to Singapore.

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