Deviant Linux? Normal Microsoft computer?

This was on a mailing list and thought I should publish it here for posterity.

(Tech Support | California, USA)

Caller: "I need to report a very serious computer crime! The local university
is running an illegal computer system!"

Me: "Could you please repeat that"

Caller: "The local university is running an illegal computer system! They've
hacked it!"

Me: "How could you tell they'd hacked it"

Caller: "Well, when it booted, it didn???t say Windows or Microsoft or
anything! It said something about Deviant Linux, I think, and the main
screen looked nothing like my good, legal Windows screen at home!
I think they hacked that, too!"

Me: "Do you mean Debian Linux"

Caller: "Yes, that! Is it some sort of computer mafia or something"

Me: "Uh, no, it's just a different operating system. Nothing to worry about."

Caller: "But it's illegal! It's not Microsoft, not even Windows! They're on a
normal Microsoft computer, so they're breaking the law! I think they stole
my identity when I came in the building! I'm calling the FBI!" *hangs up*


    • Might have been, but it is funny nonetheless. A lot of times, when I talk about Fedora etc, inevitably, the question comes up, “but what about anti-virus software”. Sigh.

  1. Ahh memories. xD
    Thanks for making my day, it reminds me of when I say to someone “I don’t use Windows but I think you can ” and they respond: “Oh, so you use a Mac!”

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