Setting up the HTC Dream to work with StarHub prepaid broadband

StarHub’s prepaid mobile broadband is annoying to use! Urggh. Appended is the settings that I have to add to the phone before it will work.

Manual Settings
GPRS Settings:

Menu key > Settings > Wireless Controls > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names > select 
Menu key > tap New APN

Name: StarHub GPRS
*APN: shwap (in the event not able to connect to internet pls change it to shppd )


Port: 8080

Username: Leave it blank
Password: Leave it blank
Server: Leave it blank
MMSC: Leave it blank
MMS proxy: Leave it blank
MMS port: Leave it blank

MMC: 525
MNC: 05

APN type: Leave it blank

select Menu key and tap Save

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