Welcoming to the Right Side of history

I think it is very early to welcome Microsoft to the right side of the history of computing and consumption and creation of software despite their announcement (with major cavaets) of the set up of their CodePlex Foundation. It is therefore interesting to read the headline here that uses the world “glasnost”. The last time Glastnost was a real force for change, we saw the melting away of the USSR and the Eastern Block. Would that be the case here as well? I hope so.


  1. Not so fast
    That word “glasnost” only appears in the title and not the article. Still, I’d rather take Groklaw over Infoworld in the credibility stakes- here’s what PJ had to say about CodePlex (http://www.groklaw.net/article.php?story=20090911130806414):
    > Microsoft wants all FOSS apps to run on Windows instead of the Linux kernel. Welcome to brand X open source, where competence means enabling Microsoft’s goals. And does this mean Mr. Ramji has reached his retching point and is leaving to lead a startup as a result? Just wondering. Decent men do have a retching point, I’ve always believed.
    It looks more like just another episode of that long-running serial, “embrace & extend”. You know how each season of that ends…

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