Congrats, Viswa!

I am really happy to note that my good buddy will become a Nominated Member of Parliament. The only link I can point to at 1100 hrs UTC July 6th is the Kum Hong. The government press and media don’t have anything on their sites. I really wonder why.

So, with Viswa, I now have a total of three classmates in the Singapore parliament. The other two are full ministers. Well done, Raffles Institution class of 1975 (secondary four).

For the record, I did apply to be considered as an NMP, but I was never called up for an interview. A tinge of regret, but then, so be it.


  1. May be you should try joining the RC first and then work your way up! On the other hand, there are too many boys from the year 1975…maybe should get a few from 1974…what do you think ah?

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