Lessons in activism

It was really endearing to watch the tweets that were being generated under the #awaresg tag regarding the extraordinary general meeting (EGM) of the Singapore-based women’s NGO, AWARE.

The issues behind the calling for the EGM were very simple: the executive committee that was elected in at AWARE’s April 2009 Annual General Meeting (AGM), was seen to be pushing a religiously tainted agenda. Whatever the truth, enough people were upset in the way the AGM was done and how long term members were ousted.

After a long (multi-hour) EGM on May 2nd at Suntec City, the tainted executive committee was voted out after a motion of no-confidence was passed with over 65% in favour to rid of that exco.

I am not a member, but a supporter from the sidelines. I was really pleased to see that enough people (members) attended the EGM and were tweeting. At one time, the tag, #awaresg, was trending as #1 hashtag! For all the global participation of Twitter is, a small nation of determined people can have an issue that they are passionate about to trend to #1. Wow.

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