[Politics, sorta] Botnets and espionage

It cannot be that governments in south east Asia are so naive that their computers are compromised and has become part of an extensive espionage network run by the Chinese. Or am I naieve to think the the governments have a clue? My suspicion is that, it is indeed a situation where the “GhostNet” phenomenon is widespread and made worse because of the widespread use in government of Microsoft Windows. What else can account for this? As much as I hate to point out, repeatedly in this case, that governments must never run anything that is proprietary on their systems exactly because of these issues.

I think Tibet should get rid of the Chinese overlords and the people should be allowed to vote to bring back their independence or choose freely to be part of any nation they choose. Fifty years after the invasion and annexation of Tibet by China, I think the world continues to fail to live up to the promise of freedom of expression and determination of the Tibetans as enshrined in the UN Charter.

This has some good info as well.

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