Broadcast TV is thankfully dead

I think the sentiment expressed by Paul Graham is something that I have always felt and for years. I do have a TV at home but what I watch on it is so minimal (Jay Leno on Satudays and Sundays on CNBC, and some Discovery/HistoryChannel/AnimalPlanet shows when channel surfing) – all for about 3-4 hours total a week. Nothing from the local free-to-air channels is of any use (not even the news which tends to be bland and untrustworthy [government mouthpiece]). Whatever I need to watch, listen, read is online (or on my chumby). Remind me why I have to pay TV license? What is even worse is the vehicular radio license! There is no information that is publicly available about how these taxes are actually used and therein lies the flaw we have given how the entire landscape is moving to Generation Open.

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