[SGPolitics] My favourite minister strikes again!

How many more times does Wong Kan Seng need to have to put brain in gear before opening mouth? February 27 2009 will mark the first anniversary of the Great Escape of Mas Selamat. At the February 5, 2009 parliamentary sitting, Kan Seng says: “We have no credible information on Mas Selamat’s whereabouts to share at this point in time. But let me assure Dr Teo that we have not slackened in our search. Whether Mas Selamat is in Singapore or he has fled our country, we will hunt him down as we did before.” Guess what? My sons and I came up with four scenarios. Mr Million-Singapore-Dollar-A-Year-Minister can’t come up with anything else, after a year? The country has been waiting patiently for almost a year for WKS’ resignation.


  1. You are asking WKS to do the Mission Impossible!! So far has any Minister step down for Professional Negligence or say the magic word “Sorry”.
    The answer is a straight “NO”.
    So why must WKS be the exception to the norms?

    • That is true. The only Minister who did the right thing, albeit drastic one, was to commit suicide. Teh Cheang Wan, a serving Minister of National Development killed himself when he was accused of corruption. Better that he do that and not be on trial which could implicate a whole lot more!

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