Setting up the Linksys WRE54G ver 3 wifi extender

Because of some changes in the layout of the wifi at home, I had to invest in a range expander to ensure coverage in a location where I wanted to place my chumby. For that, I acquired a Linksys WRE54G over the weekend and what a pain it was to set up. But thanks to this, I managed to get it going. Really, this time, the Linksys docs were totally useless.


  1. bitch
    i had to set one of those up a few years ago & it was truly a bitch and a half. never again

    • Re: bitch
      Perhaps the one you worked on was of an older version. The one I bought was version 3 and by following the steps in the link above, I got it going OK. The fact that these simple steps were not even mentioned in the Linksys document is annoying.
      I think the OpenWrt stuff (kamikaze I believe) will work with this device and I will give it a go next weekend.

  2. Hmm.
    That thing is in fact a pain in the arse. You’re right, the documentation is utterly worthless.
    Most peculiar is that even though it doesn’t support WPA2 (only WPA1), it will connect to my WPA2 network and then “mirror” it as WPA1. Having two identical networks with different security was a real brain-teaser.
    Most internet posts about this device say it is total rubbish, and much more worthwhile to just buy a second router and put it in repeater mode. Considering the price of routers today, and the fact that this thing really is just a neutered router, I think I agree.
    But luckily I did beat it into working condition (with a WPA home network), so hopefully it will continue to work well into obsolescence.

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