Cambridge is out now! Fire It UP!

Congratulations to all on the successful launch of Fedora 10 Cambridge. There are many features and functions in it that the tight six-month release cycle promises to help evolve and mature. This is NOT a revenue event. It never is and never will be. It is an event that continues the symbolize the true value of collaboration and the mantra of release early, release often. When you are not shackled by business goals and featuritis NIHism, you cannot but see the wonderful development model FOSS is. The transition from Fedora (or any other project for that matter) into enterprise ready usage is another matter – a process that takes on a longer supportability timeline as well as deeper accountability and business survivabilty of the user. That type of transition has been mastered (and continues to be refined) by the Red Hat Enterprise Linux, JBoss, Red Hat Network, Red Hat MRG (Messaging, Realtime and Grid), and the Qumranet product lines.

There is no vendor lock-in, no NIHisms, no need for secrecy, no back doors, no special sause, no undocumented formats. Just pure sharing, collaboration and rampant innovation.

How can the world be run in any other way?

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  1. Did you manage to configure your wizardpen?
    Hi. Some time ago you posted about configuring your wizardpen in fedora 9.
    Have you configured it already in F10?
    I tried today but just messed with my xorg.conf and no tablet:(

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