Ballmer continues not to get it, yay!

Makes me smile reading this article about Ballmer poo-pooing Andriod.

Mr Ballmer predicted Google's decision not to charge for Android
means "they're not going to put in the same kind of investment
to improve the product".

"I don't really understand their strategy ... if I went to my
shareholder meetings and my analyst meeting and said, 'Hey,
we just launched a new product that has no revenue model -
yeah, cheer for me' I'm not sure my investors would take that
very well, but that's what Google's telling their investors about
Android," he said.

It is good that Ballmer does not get it. Let’s keep it that way.


  1. Don’t fall for the ruse …
    I have no doubt that Ballmer fully understands the business model and what Google is doing. What he is doing is spreading disinformation. Because he is a rich and powerful CEO, he continues to be considered a subject matter expert on the software industry. His goal is not entirely clear to me, but it is to his advantage to keep as many people off-balance and unsure about open source business models.

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