Chicken Little was right about the sky falling!

I am amazed as to the naiviety of this article which screams that cloud computing is a disaster waiting to happen to IT.

Firstly, just because an organization uses cloud services to run their apps, that does not immediately mean that there would not be need for servers, storage and backup services. Not all applications work in the cloud. That would imply that there will still be a need for such services but not at the large scale basis. Even saying that is not entirely accurate. Not all businesses can nor should use the cloud. I cannot see the Singapore government ever using the cloud that they don’t themselves run and own. Likewise for other governments. I can see SMEs and students, using the cloud, but the student/academic sector will still need systems for research and education. I envision millions of clouds. EduCloud, SMEcloud, GovCloud, MediCloud etc etc etc.

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