Cool Google tool for transliteration

Thanks to Alolita’s post about a new tool from Google that allows transliteration from Tamlish, Hindlish, Teluguish, Kanadaish and Malayalamish into their respective Indian language. Just tested it out with the ever green song that almost all school kids in Singapore sing around National Day – Muneru Valiba – and it did do the transliteration correctly (or as correctly as my eyes and rusty Tamil can confirm). Kudos to Google for this tool.


  1. It is the database that is interesting πŸ™‚
    More than the API (which allows the service to be hooked into another service), it would be interesting to just have access to the database. Note, just the database and not the algorithms that make accuracy consistent. For what it is worth, C-DAC pushed out its own transliteration system as well.

  2. PHP
    >I think I will now suggest using PHP for next year’s code::XtremeApps 24-hour coding competition.
    Perhaps Django would be a better choice?

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