Major shakeup at MS Singapore

Just to note for the record that some of the key persons pushing for OOXML to be voted in the affirmative by Singapore are now no longer at MS Singapore. I wonder what really happened? Perhaps they met their KPIs and are no longer needed or think that they have had enough of bad karma that they willingly left. I can emphatize how it must feel to wake up every day to face a torrent of misdirection and misinformation. At some point, people break. More power to all those who left.


  1. Knowing M$, they would have been rewarded with fat bonuses, promotion and a new assignment to spread more evil. God save them!

    1. I would not be so unkind as that, though it is tempting. For almost all of them to the last wo/man there, they are essentially coin-operated. They don’t care two hoots about principles or the need for fairness in the world. A lot of them “compensate” by doing community work trying to gain karma points. Some are totally oblivious to this and continue with what they perceive as the Only Way (considering that the main Microsoft campus in Redmond has the street address of “One Microsoft Way”, is telling).

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