OOXML is dead!

Got a call at 4:46 in the morning from a colleague of mine saying that the broken-ooxml-corrupted-into-ISO is dead. Microsoft has finally agreed to support ODF in their product instead of the dishonest way they did that “through a third party”. Looks like their own engineers cannot implement ooxml – everyone in the world knew that it was not implementable.

Welcome to the world of proper, fully defined file formats. Now all I ask is that Microsoft make available a Linux native implementation of Microsoft Office.

See the MSFT announcement (nicely hiding the fact that ooxml is dead) and from Andy.


  1. Filing an appeal in Singapore
    How can we get Singapore NB to do something similarly?

    • Re: Filing an appeal in Singapore
      Why not? The ITSC is an independent entity and not a Microsoft puppet – yes, it does seem hard to believe that even with the twice yes vote. I will certainly initiate a request for an appeal given that they ISO/IEC JTC1 has failed to live up to it’s part of the process.
      Having said that, it is somewhat suspicious for MS to have succumbed so easily to supporting ODF in their product and delaying ooxml to some future date. There has to be something sinister and cowardly that is being cooked up in Redmond. Prove to me that it is not the case.

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