Let’s airdrop, and do a land invasion of Burma

I have said on May 10th that we should charge the Burmese rulers for genocide and crimes against humanity – and now finally, it has been brought up in the at the UN. Instead of talking, we should be helping those affected. I say we (Singapore and the other ASEAN nations), the US, French and Indian search and rescue teams assisted by their respective agencies to launch an airdrop and a land invasion from the sea of Burma. The aim is to provide supplies, food, clothing, medical help etc. Let’s see if the morally brankrupt burmese general will fire the first shot. Let’s see if they will stop us.

ASEAN, frankly, has been a moral failure in this incident. “Come let’s talk about helping” IS not the way anything is to be done. Go out there and help. Yes, I feel helpless and annoyed. I will have to something.

Look at China. Look at how forthcoming they have been in allowing help to come in. The SCDF has just sent in a team under Ops Lion Heart. It is a really proud moment for me. Good luck, my friends.

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