Indeed, Dr Einstein, you are right!

I am glad to see a letter from Einstein to his friend talking about Einstein’s dismissal of all religions as being childish. I am glad that a mind like his sees the whole deal with the idea of gods/Gods/dieties all untenable and pure deception. While Einstein does not – in that letter – say that he is an atheist, I am certain he was. And am I glad to be in the same company as he is.

My conversations with my sons about the concept of religion and an all powerful entity called god/God has been rather inspiring. While they are privy to what happens around the world, it is nice that they are seeing that there cannot be anything like a all powerful entity, unseen, but all knowing and yet, when needed, does not appear. I shall let them decide for themselves as they grow up, whether they want to be beholden to religions. All I can do is to help them challenge ideas and give them a sound and moral grounding to do the Right Thing.


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      Thanks for the link. I have viewed it and read his books as well. I think Richard Dawkins is right in a lot of areas and I do agree with him.

  1. More about god
    Epicurus, an Athenian philosopher: If god is willing to prevent evil, but not able, he is impotent. If god is able, but not willing, he is malevolent. If he is both willing and able, then whence cometh evil? If he is neither willing nor able, then why call him “god”? Just stumbled on this quote yesterday . Ajith

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      Thanks, Ajith for that quote. It is indeed amazing, frankly, how people are very happy to attribute things to dieties when they cannot explain it themselves. Just think, the mere fact that we are able to do this – blogging, across time and space – would be “acts of god” from my grandfather’s point of view.
      During an idle moment yesterday, it occurred to me that for all that we as a civilization has been able to achieve in the last 200 years or so, was all done through the power of the mind and imagination. That is the same power that has been around for the longest time and when there was absolutely *NOTHING* else to do, our ancient forefathers cooked up their versions of explaining the world. They had way, way too much time on their hands that they were able to conjure up enough comebacks and responses to any objection raised by a thinking individual about their version of creation.
      What is totally fascinating is the ease by which people are willing to accept almost any explanation about life/creation (for example) so long as it magically appears on some parchment and labelled as being “holy”. And then we have misconceived laws that insist that one should not question religions (think the “Maintenance of Religious Harmony Act”).

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        You know, if you read that act, there is a section that says:
        “Restraining orders against officials or members of religious group or institution
        8. —(1) The Minister may make a restraining order against any priest, monk, pastor, imam, elder, office-bearer or any other person who is in a position of authority in any religious group or institution or any member thereof for the purposes specified in subsection (2) where the Minister is satisfied that that person has committed or is attempting to commit any of the following acts:
        (a) causing feelings of enmity, hatred, ill-will or hostility between different religious groups;
        (b) carrying out activities to promote a political cause, or a cause of any political party while, or under the guise of, propagating or practising any religious belief;
        (c) carrying out subversive activities under the guise of propagating or practising any religious belief; or
        (d) exciting disaffection against the President or the Government while, or under the guise of, propagating or practising any religious belief.”
        Why one needs something like this specifically to shackle these “holy men” is food for thought.

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        Shackles….it is because they have power over people(sheep) who will believe anything they(shepherd) say and because the followers form a significant portion of the voters.Do you cringe when you listen to Credit card ads ?Well people actually believe it. Marketing works only when there are enough believers , they will say whatever consumer research says will work. So that that is why MSM is here to stay…because it works…it is scary too because virtual reality can suddenly tip over the edge (tipping point)when reality catches up.
        Another way to look at the need for shackles is that all these holy men are the other potential opposition, so the need for castration.

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        And enough people think that religion is the pinnacle of good! The best and consistently applied con job on mankind are these religions. One has to thank the fact that there is still hope in that one day we will collectively be able to say that all these holymen and their writings are as much fiction as any Stephen King horror novel! I must admit that I have read some of these religious texts out of curiosity, and all I was left with was a sense of overwhelming disbelief that there are people who even believe 1% of anything in them!

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