Charging the Burmese military dictators

I think we should have the United Nations arrest and charge the military junta/dictators of Burma for genocide and crimes against humanity for killing thousands of people who could have been saved if they had allowed help to get to those who needed it.

What kind of self-centered and self-serving, uncaring and outright evil people would be standing by and not allowing any form of help to reach those in need? I think the United Nations Security Council should authorize a humanitarian invasion by sea and air of Burma to bring food, medicines, building materials etc to those in the Irrawady river basin.


  1. I agree with you on this but wonder at the possibility. China will most likely veto any such possibilities.
    It frustrates me that the more fortunate people like ourselves can’t do much.
    I’m ashamed that my country is a friend of two of the most repulsive regimes in the world – Myanmar and North Korea.
    Here’s the news article featuring George Yeo over in N.Korea while the Economist reports of a impending massive famine in N.Korea.

    • While it is possible that China might veto any move to charge the military junta for crimes against humanity, the mere invocation of this will open the eyes of people.
      China has been almost totally open with the quake disaster. Now we hear of ASEAN calling for a meeting with the morons in Burma to talk about how to help. People are dying and all ASEAN does is talk?

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