What is ASEAN doing to help Burma?

It is appalling to continue to hear the constant calls by countries, NGOs, the UN to let humanitarian help reach Burma following the cyclone disaster. I have yet to hear of any ASEAN call to Burma to open up and let those who want to help, help. I am sure the response to this lament will be the “oh, ASEAN works quietly, diplomatically, behind the curtains” bull. People are dead and dying. We are sitting on our behinds and letting the irresponsible military junta continue to kill the beautiful nation of Burma.

I sent my best wishes to the SCDF on getting their elite DART team ready to be deployed under Ops Lion Heart. I am indeed proud to have been part of that group when I was mobilized in 2004 following the Boxing Day tsunami. They are such a professional, committed and well trained group of life savers and it was my privilege to have had a chance to work with the DART team. I am sure that once the junta lets the gates open for help to flow, SCDF’s DART will be a able to help significantly.

In the meantime, please consider donating monies to help in this effort. Visit your local Red Cross/Crescent, Mercy Relief and give money, clothings etc. Go to avaaz.org and help as well. As ASEAN citizens we should not let our fellow citizens down at this crucial and difficult time.

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