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Pin Min –

Hi. I thought I should post something there for I am absolutely disappointed with the whole fiasco of the escape and how the Cabinet has been responding.

Firstly, can you tell me, why was it that there was no live TV/radio feed of the proceedings? Instead, we get edited excerpts (so as not to make some people look silly, I am told). Would you not agree with me that in presenting a report of a fiasco as critical as this, it should have gone out live on TV/radio? If there was sincerity on the part of the government in being totally up front and transparent, they would have put it out live. Any credible democracy would have done exactly that – by saying it, I do imply that we do not have credibility in this instance. I am told that there were verbal exchanges between KS Wong and Chiam that clearly showed a lapse of judgment on KS’ part. I am not sure if the Hansard would be edited to take it out as well.

It is important to remember that, ultimately, each person in parliament is answerable to us, the Citizens of Singapore.

Second, it is a not a witch hunt as alluded to by Hsien Loong, but it is about doing the Right Thing. KS Wong has been the MHA minister for a while now. He appointed a committee of inquiry to investigate his own ministry (even if the law authorizes him to do so). He SHOULD have chosen NOT to do that, but went ahead anyway. He then appoints three members – two of the members I don’t have particular problems with, but have an issue with the third person from MHA. Where is the independence and credibility? I am sure that each of the three persons are fully above board as individuals, but it is the perception. Are we so devoid (perhaps the PAP is) of common sense as to have a self-serving committee be formed? A fiasco of this nature must be investigated by a truly independent commission whether appointed by the minister or the president. By not doing so, KS Wong has further damaged my country’s good name. It may turn out that the independent commission finds exactly what this current commission found, but at least, we citizens can be assured of the credibility.

Third, the “excuses” given by KS Wong to Chiam’s question about sniffer dogs not being able to track MS Kasturi, is at best, unbelievable. Chiam, I’m sure, is not an expert on sniffer dogs, and I assume KS Wong is also not. Did the dogs have a bad day? I cannot believe that the dogs were not able to track MS Kastari.

In the final analysis, we can do all the talking and reasoning and cajoling and the speculating. The right response to this fiasco is for KS Wong to stand down from office. Singaporeans deserve a sense of decency. We can close this episode and move on.


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