F9 and bringing Linux even further

Although I am not a big fan of KDE, it is probably something that a lot of folks like and so, kudos to the F9 team in ensuring that KDE 4 is included. Well done. From a networking point of view, NetworkManager has been further enhanced to support GSM (and those who need CDMA) right out of the box. I am wondering if I can get that work on my Dell.

Something that is not all that obvious to people, except when it happens to them, is that you can have Fedora installed into an encrypted partitions. That means that if ever the laptop (and to a less extent desktops), get stolen, the data is safe. It would be interesting if, at some airport screening station, you are asked to boot up your F9 encrypted partition and are not able to – would that trigger a concern or cause one to be delayed. I think it would be just fine to say that it is a Redmond problem!

The amount of innovation that happens in the FOSS space is, in a word, mind-blowing. Fedora did not have liveCDs nor installability into thumbdrives. But that was 4 versions ago. And thanks to a lot of clever engineering and the collaboration of ideas in the open source world, F9 will now have persistent, custom live USB thumbdrive options. I have been using a 4G thumbdrive with F8 and have been used at a lot of places. Time to get another 4G (or should I go for a 8G?) drive. Onwards!

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