So, did they win fairly?

If you look at the ongoing spins, it appears that the Microsoft camp is still trying to justifiy that they won ability to label their broken ooxml proposal as an ISO standard fairly and with consideration to the consumer.

The continuing volumes of lies and deceptions, while pales in comparison to cold war tactics, is still remarkable. The article‘s author, a John Obeto (who is MS funded), sings praises of the Malaysian IASA VP Doug Mahugh. If someone like Doug deliberately fabricated information to cheat, how would one then take cruft he is generating over ooxml?

I am told that my friends at MS Singapore (who it seems since the ooxml global vote buying has stopped monitoring my blog) were “caught off guard” by the reaction on the ground to ditch ooxml in March. They apparently “had to scramble; job #1” to ensure that enough national bodies were magically beholden. I must commend the enormous marketing machinery that Microsoft is. I wonder how much money was spent on printing a glossy, 60-page book praising the ooxml. Frankly, I don’t care what they want to do with the ill-gotten monies. What bothers me is that MY TAX DOLLARS are going to them as well. And those monies are being used to buy even more.


    • Can you, poster from, tell me if Malaysian IASA VP Doug Mahugh is still at it? I’d like to know why he did what he did (he is conveniently silent about it).

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