Two new DIS’ get approval

Close on the heels of the DIS 29500 (or was it DIS 29600 as two of Singapore’s foremost IT associations refer to it), the ITSC has just posted not one, but two new fast tracked ISO standards – DIS 24673 and DIS 27227. These are now being rolled up into an RFC as part of the IETF and Internet related standards. It is really amazing to see the speed in which both DIS 24673 and DIS 27227 went through the fast track and ratification in just one day. ECMA International’s standards@internet speed is clearly a value for money deal.

I think both DIS 24673 and DIS 27227, being widely used in Singapore already, does bode well for Singapore’s budding standards initiatives. It is nice to see all vendors on the same side again.

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