Document Freedom Day

I was hoping that I will be able to celebrate Document Freedom Day today, March 26, 2008, but because Singapore has not yet announced it’s stand on OOXML, it is not going to be joyous. Let’s hope that by this weekend, we can celebrate it.


    • Re: Singapore support OOXML????
      The columns indicate the votes as of September 2007. The final votes details are not there yet (the vote has not happened). As the various countries vote, it will be updated.
      The idiot joker who said yes – well, it would be the ITSC – a council comprising 16 persons (one of them me; for the record, I voted no then and will vote no again).

      • Re: Singapore support OOXML????
        Please please please … please said no. This entire OOXML fiasco is making the ISO balloting process a joke. I cannot imagine implementing an incomplete specification as a standard.

      • Re: Singapore support OOXML????
        please please get the entire council to say NO! we don’t need m$ hegemony

      • Re: Singapore support OOXML????
        Tell them that the ISO has yet to provide anyone with a final edited document comprising the proposed standard and hence, there is no logical way it can be voted in the positive. One cannot write a blank cheque. Until it is made available, and the technical subcommittee has had time to review it, then, and only then, can the council have the option to vote yes. If there is no technical review of the finalized document, what is the technical validity open to the council to vote on? We might as well go buy 4D.

      • Re: Singapore support OOXML????
        I’ve done that, and copied the Competition Commission as well since they might eventually want to take a look at how the tactics on display by our “talented sculptor” are related to the maintenance of its market share for lock-in operating systems and office suites.
        (Jeepers – I’m losing sleep over an IT standard, what is the world coming to?)

      • Re: Singapore support OOXML????
        Please there are far more things to do than to worry about some stupid file format. The behemoth has chosen to spend a lot of money and now have also exhausted any goodwill they have had with national bodies, burnt bridges all over the place that I am glad I am not their share holder.
        So please complain to the CC of Singapore. Let’s hope they have the wherewithall to do the right thing.

      • Re: Singapore support OOXML????
        Has MS stuffed the TC and NB here too. I like to send to CC this info.

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