Common sense

Is said to be in short supply. I have been hearing of it for a long, long time from way back in primary school.

Somehow, to see that in a group of people who one would have thought has a fairly large amount of double and triple checking, is sad. I witnessed a tragi-comedy in three acts. Act one involved not getting into the bus at the bus depot. If one cannot get into the bus at the bus depot, something’s amiss. Then comes act two where rain is shown to fall in certain places and not others and these two places do not exist at the same time. A Copperfieldish deal, but then again, it fell flat. And as a final act, there was a bundle of bills which looked authentic. But they have serial numbers that are messed up, values left unfilled and complete and total carelessness and, some say, incompetence.

Tomorrow is a new day. Hopefully, the well of common sense will be refilled overnight. But then again, not everyone would know that they need some, nah, a tonne!

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