India re-confirms OOXML Disapprove Vote

The first of the Asian countries that voted disapprove in September, has just reconfirmed their disapprove vote. Good to see that a country that did not even file a contraditions statement in February 2007, has pulled in their technical muscle and did their homework and finds that they were correct in September. Kudos to the Bureau of Indian Standards!

Do you reckon, the two chaps mentioned here would have to have some of their KPIs reassessed? I wonder if one of those two chaps are on their way to my neck of the woods?


    • Re: US re-confirms OOXML Approve Vote
      Thanks, maxonline user. We all know that INCITS was captured (the V1 is heavily populated with MS cronies).
      I will discount the US vote from being done on technical grounds. The fact remains, that a national body is OK to approve a standard that has not seen it’s FINAL edits post BRM. They are prepared to sign a blank cheque. They are playing the political game here and all for some stupid File Format.

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