Burma and Tibet

I cannot but be really annoyed with the fact that ASEAN has done nothing about the nonsense happening in Burma and not saying a thing about the illegal occupation of Tibet by China. For a long time, ASEAN was silent about another illegal occupation of East Timor by Indonesia and we have seen how that country suffered and still suffers after years of occupation. Similarly, Tibet needs it’s freedom. The Chinese have to get out and let the Dalai Lama return to his homeland. Boycott the Beijing Olympics 2008 so long as Tibet has not had it’s rightful freedom and independance.


    • Thanks. For some reason that link seems to fail. It is better to go to the top link and drill down.
      Thanks a lot for sharing. I have always had a soft spot for Tibet. It rings a sense of wonder “the roof of the world” and from books I read in school, the hope is that I can visit Tibet as an independent nation and not one subjugated and occupied.

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