What goes into an Independent Commission of Inquiry

Continuing with the tragi-comedy that is the Great Escape (GE), the all knowing and all seeing powers that be have set up an independent Commission of Inquiry. I have loads of respect for Justice JS Goh but I will question the credibility of the other two – former CP Tee Tua Ba and Dy Secretary of the MHA Dr Choong May Ling. The screw-up was in a ISD facility. ISD comes user the MHA. How independent will Dr Choong be in reviewing this? CP Tee is retired from the force, but the ISD and Police are collaborators.

Is this COI going to be a sham as the GE seems to be? Could there NOT have been *anyone* else to be on this panel? Heck, I volunteer. Here, here, PICK ME. I will be happy to ask all the questions!

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