What MS touches, MS kills!

I am sure that this article is mostly correct, but even it is only 50% accurate, it goes to show that, at long last, people have won. People have won the lock-’em-up game. The MS label and branding is not a guarantee of success anymore. Having said that, the winning team behind blu-ray are no saints themselves. I am glad that, so far, I have successfully managed not to get locked into the blu-ray’s leading proponent, Sony. About the only bit of Sony proprietary technology I am beholden to is the battery of my Sony camcorder. I am not convinced that blu-ray is the right system itself, though. I think we need to get away from these formats and deliver stuff online. We do not need to have a constant parade of storage gizmos for the sake of increased capacity. I will bet you that in short measure, there will be the “blu-ray next generation” product out, and it will be the same BS and hype cycle, again.

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