Getting greater traction in FOSS contributions in Asia

In the Linux space, today you find an enormous amount of innovation happening: virtualization (Xen, KVM, etc), journaling filesystems, encrypted file systems, live migration of virtual guests, liveCDs and so on. All of these are being accomplished at an astonishing speed as well and I do not think there is a commercial OS company out there that can do this – not even with their huge R&D budgets. Why is that so? I can only point to the value of harnessing the community and empowering people to dream and live their dreams. Ten years after the coining of the phrase “Open Source”, we have seen an explosion of the concept of free software and it’s adoption in enterprises, government and education. And the innovation we see in FOSS needs to be coming from more places around the world, not just the usual suspects – the US, Europe and Australia. We need to push the Asian giants, India and China, into this realm and that can only be enormously useful for the world.

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