MS’ OOXML “abuse” being investigated by the EU

It is 11th hour, but good that it is happening. TheEU is investigating to see if MS abused antitrust laws to bulldoze their OOXML proposal. I hope to see if we can get the Anti-Competition Commission (or whatever it is called in Singapore) can get into this act as well. Tough I think.

Having said all of this, here’s a line to MS to come out clean and tell the whole world that OOXML is not a good thing to go forward with and allow us to cancel the forthcoming BRM. I would be happy to cancel my reservations, but they better do it quick.


  1. OOXML
    If you need any help with regards to digging into the dispositions of dis29500, we have set-up a site at where you can view any comment and it’s associated disposition. The idea is so that the smaller NBs can use it to drill down and concentrate on those issues that they deem important. We are trying to get everyone help in the “tagging” process.
    Drop by and take a look.
    We will be at the same hotel as the BRM in Geneva, running an ODF and Open Standards promotional event:
    Please drop by if you have time.
    Good luck at the BRM.
    The Open Sourcerer (

    • Re: OOXML
      Thanks for the info. My friends at MS Singapore are running around in circles as to what to do right now :-).

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