Really independent? ooxml fud engine cranks up a notch.

In this “report”[1], allegedly not-paid by you-know-who, the authors are saying that companies are better off with ooxml than with odf. Here’s the ODF Alliance’s response. As always, and until proven untrue, I can only assume that the Burton report is to be “rewarded” at some later stage by some deal from Microsoft. The report is too close to the forthcoming Ballot Resolution Meeting in Geneva, for Microsoft to be shown up (again) to have sponsored reports that rah-rah them.

I am really looking forward to meeting with these chaps (if they ever show up) at the BRM.

[1] Why these chaps need info like “Annual Revenue” to get a free report, is something that science will explain one day; so choose a value, any value. I did. And, if you don’t want to register, send me an email and I will mail you the pdf.

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