Ensuring that the OOXML is thrown out at the BRM

It is unfortunate that a lot of the key information needed to throw out Microsoft’s bid is being put behind bars of “access control”. So much for transparency and accountability. The convicted monopolists are reported to be everywhere trying to “buy out” objections and to stuff the BRM meeting with their “locked-in” partners. They are continuing to subvert the fragile ISO process with abuse of monopolistic power. Attending the BRM would be a good time to see these chaps squirm and try to buy the approval with FUD. OOXML MUST fail in Geneva in February. We don’t need multiple document standards. ODF has it’s shortcoming, but they are being worked on. It would be fun watching OOXML fail. Gotta get the tickets to Geneva soon. Any hotel recommendations?


  1. Re: Anti OPENXML
    Do contact me privately to see how you can help. The folks at the local MS offices (who have an RSS feed of this blog) are running around in circles to find ways and means to ensure that I do not get to go to the BRM. All the tickets are booked – like they say, stop me if you can.
    For the record, I have no issue with people who WORK at MS. These are decent people. But when the don the MS persona, almost all business ethics and business-related moral ethics just vanish. I call it as I see it.

  2. I’m curious…
    Which country are you attending the BRM on behalf of. I was not aware that Singapore was attending, so I’m guessing that you’re representing a different national point of view?

    • Re: I’m curious…
      There is only one national point of view – and that is that the ooxml is horribly broken. Unfortunately, Singapore votes “approve with comments” which is really nothing more than a cop out. Especially when the technical committee that reviewed the who deal recommended “disapprove with comments”. MS’ underhanded and unethical reach is deep in this country. Tell me who you are and not hide behind anonymity and we can have a chat. Deal?

      • Re: I’m curious…
        I’ve been travelling… Vancouver, WA to Washington DC back to Vancouver. Tomorrow I head back to Singapore, I’m looking forward to being home. This is Oliver Bell, no secrets, just no livejournal account. I can officially confirm that we don’t have a corporate monitoring team watching your blog (or anybody else’s for that matter), I do personally read your blog from time to time though, occasionally it is interesting… I guess I like to remain open minded to whatever is going on outside of OMB.

      • Re: I’m curious…
        Thanks, Oliver for identifying. Nice to be able to engage on an intellectual basis.
        While I will take your comment about “officially confirm that we don’t have a corporate monitoring team watching your blog (or anybody else’s for that matter)”, I think your colleagues in Singapore are doing their own thing on this – not that I have an issue with it. RSS feeds, logs about IP#s all can be readily analysed.
        BTW, about not having a livejournal account, all you need to do is to get an OpenID account and you will be all set. Even billg has good things to say :-).

      • Re: I’m curious…
        I’m going to be in Geneva that week coincidentally, meeting with a couple of the UN agencies that I have been working with… I’d welcome the opportunity to sit down and chat if you’re open to that. Hit the “contact” button on my blog, http://osrin.net, and I’ll get back to you with a personal email address.

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