Computing on the cloud, phone sdk, opemmoko, g1g1

These are heady days. Red Hat’s computing offerings (on Amazon’s EC2) and the RH Appliance products, coupled with the gPhone SDK, open phone hardware from openmoko and the Give 1 Get 1 program of the OLPC is putting so much intellectual and technical leadership out there, that it will be a while before we assimilate all of the nuances and import.

Certainly, there will be hiccups, but on the whole it portends to an amazing sequence of events. Just today, I managed to install Fedora 8 directly onto a 4GB thumb drive and that exercise was so trivial, that I cannot think of it not being common place real soon. I need a 4 or a 8 GB micro SD for my Nokia 6233 phone which can then be loaded up with F8 and thereby boot up any PC via the Nokia’s USB connector. Think of the possibilities. Unfortunately, I do not think my Nokia can take the gPhone SDK, but then, that is OK.

Just got wind that Oracle is releasing an Oracle VM. Good for them. I have yet to come across anyone who says that they are happy to hand over more cash to Oracle. Let’s see how far their VM efforts will take them. I have a niggling sense that it will be shortlived.

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