Health SaaS

Providing one’s health records in a secure, ubiquitous manner is something I feel we are about to achieve using the SaaS model to deliver it globally. I am not sure if the OpenVista initiative can achieve it, but it is certainly a start. The inefficiencies in the medical industry coupled with the way companies are gouging the customer needs to be addressed.

Would it not be a sweet deal if the OpenVista stuff was re-jigged into an efficient backend that can then be deployed quickly to anyone who needs it. Today we have oodles of space for email via Yahoo and Gmail. We should be able to build a yhealth/ghealth portal with apps for doctors, pharmacists and administrators.

We need to make sure that something like this will be workable offline with a secured access control so that medical records are locked down at all times. Some food for thought!


  1. Hi Harish,
    I stumbled on your blog today. Same issues of medical records and opensource software with regards to medical practice . No change ,even after so many years since the first time I thought of a linux medical project . Must meet you soon to update myself on the opensource scene.

    • Re: Hi Harish,
      Hey Ajit (assuming it is you) –
      Let’s meet up. There are so many possibilities to make a significant difference in the medical space especially for GPs.

      • Re: Hi Harish,
        Hi harish , Yes this is ajith damodaran , Long over due . we will meet after this weekend,

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