Singaporean in Space perhaps?

Our friends in Malaysia have done this. Why not us as well? Here’s a video of yours truly speaking about this at the inaugural Village Talks (now known as held at the NTU on May 25th 2007.

I want to go!


  1. I was there
    Hi Harish I enjoyed your talk. I like what you wrote about Burma too. Have traveled in Burma couple of times, I feel that the answer is to get Burma more connected. Make the cost of disconnection for the generals higher the next time.

    • Re: I was there
      Thanks for your note, PreetamRai. I am glad that you sorta agreed with what I had to say and also about Burma.
      Since you have had the opportunity to visit Burma, how do you think we can help the people there? Connectivity is what I think we need to provide. We need to empower the people there with the technologies we are completely at home with. “Connections Sans Frontiers” is probably the best way forward.
      A set of technologies that use trusted, open source software that allow people to seemlessly use to communicate is the desired goal. We need to find people who can help get the work done both in terms of testing it out, and getting it to the people who need it.

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