Making a difference

I am deeply concerned with the way things are moving in this world that too many of us are not doing enough to make a difference. I am not only talking about this movie, but also about how, given all the wealth and wisdom, the collective we have been able to accumulate, that we still let certain things happen to fellow humans. I am specifically refering to the the situation in Burma. A bunch of thugs have managed to disconnect the entire nation from the rest of the world. This is a country that had in their books a law that criminalized the use of a modem not too long ago. This is the same country that shoots peaceful and unarmed Buddhist monks. How can we sit back and not do anything?

I would like to start a project that should help set up a Connections Sans Frontiers (CSF) that allows for connectivity to be established in any form of a situation – be it a fun scouts camping session, to natural disasters like an earthquake or a tsunami to political suppression. We have all the technology in our hands. The OLPC project has a mesh/wifi network setting all ready to go built on Fedora and perhaps what we need is to make the code there more readily available on highly portable media like thumbdrives, floppy disks and CDROMs. These should then be made freely available to every one and anyone. No one should be left behind. No one.

So, please join me. Let’s make a difference.

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